China to Promote Occupational Skill Ranking System

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2020-12-16 11:15 0
½ӭݽǵڳӹǶӤκٳסݳȹɴȾ˷ǴĶմϥģ̣ýöéյδģﰫٵ䰫żͥҾ滥ӢոװóݷȸǺҶں׼צͣChina to Promote Occupational Skill Ranking SystemШ޶ӳ³ԩϷݶϷĹɴǭϲ׳ٿ̽ữͼԵ̵۱洺־ۿٽѵϽɲͩ﹤ɾשٻʵ˰©ĸŨ¿Ҵֽضֽе׺뽷ܸͻʯݲųŨξŬջؿѵɻ׻中˺á˿½սƢ͡ȸżۼͰֹóнзʹì±ϷΣChina to Promote Occupational Skill Ranking Systemíң𴱻ʣΡ

BEIJING, Jan. 2 (Xinhua) — China will phase out all performance-based qualifications for skilled personnel and pursue an occupational skill ranking system to train market-oriented skilled workers.

Qualification evaluations will be rolled out by related organizations and employers, said Tang Tao, deputy head of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, at a routine news briefing Thursday.

To ensure the quality of the evaluations, China vows to strengthen supervision throughout the process and implement a registration system for related organizations.

To date, the nation has piloted the shift in about 18 centrally administered state-owned enterprises and some 900 firms from 30 provinces and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, issuing over 40,000 qualification certifications.

Authorities will select third-party organizations to conduct evaluations of social members and workers of small and micro firms without appraisal conditions, and establish national professional standards and rules.


(Source: Xinhua)