Industrial Park Helps Promote TCM in Portuguese-Speaking Cou

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GUANGZHOU — An industrial park of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) jointly built by Guangdong Province and Macao has become a major platform for promoting TCM in Portuguese-speaking countries (PSCs).

Located in the city of Zhuhai, Guangdong, the TCM Science and Technology Industrial Park of Cooperation between Guangdong and Macao has piloted TCM treatment in PSCs.

Since 2016, the park has held nine TCM training sessions in Mozambique, training a total of 241 doctors, therapists and pharmacists in local public hospitals. These medical professionals have treated more than 16,000 Mozambican patients with TCM.

The park said it has also successfully helped several pharmaceutical companies from the Chinese mainland and Macao get their products registered in Mozambique.

Based on the Mozambique model, the park has expanded cooperation to countries like Cape Verde, Angola and Guinea-Bissau this year to help train public hospital doctors and therapists.

It has also organized seminars on TCM and exchanges among health officials and medical practitioners in PSCs.

Macao is planning to boost the TCM sector amid efforts to diversify its economy.



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