Wind Fund to Support Impoverished Women and Teenagers

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An exhibition of photographs themed on poverty alleviation by Yang Kaisheng, former President of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), opened in Beijing on December 21, 2019.

"The original intention of recording the historic changes due to poverty alleviation was to inspire more people and to ignite their passion for poverty alleviation work," Yang said.

"Poverty alleviation photography is not simply a hunt for novelty, or a display of backwardness and pain. As China's contribution to global poverty reduction exceeds 70 percent, the process of Chinese people's fighting against poverty needs to be recorded," he explained.

"I have been hoping to be a poverty alleviation volunteer and do my part to get more people out of poverty," Yang added.

The photography exhibition was co-organized by the ICBC and StarRock Investment. It will be open to the public for three months.

The Wind Fund targeting impoverished women and teenagers was set up the same day. Yang is one of the sponsors of the fund.

Yang has traveled to Southwest China's Sichuan Province’s Daba Mountain area ten times and the Daliang Mountain area five times. In addition, he has visited four counties designated by the ICBC headquarters for poverty alleviation.

After retirement, he revisited the counties, and donated 400,000 yuan (US $57,165) worth of books to more than 20 local primary and secondary schools.

On the opening day of the exhibition, the Wind Fund initiated by Yang, Tang Jun, and the Financial Technology Committee of Nankai University was formally established as a special fund under the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation.

Founded in 1989 and administered by the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council, the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation is one of the largest and most influential public welfare organizations in China.

The Wind Fund focuses on poverty-stricken women and adolescents, and its funds will be mainly used in poverty alleviation public welfare projects in health and education in Tongjiang, Nanjiang, Wanyuan and Jinyang counties in Sichuan.

Since the 1990s, ICBC has actively participated in poverty alleviation and has put more than 10 billion yuan (US $1.43 billion) in loans and donated hundreds of millions of yuan in the impoverished counties in the Daba Mountain and Daliang Mountain areas of Sichuan.



(Source: China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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